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Rainwater Harvesting in Ireland


Rain Catchers Ltd based in Claregalway Co Galway, provide the latest cost effective solutions to purify rainwater after collection.

Using water treatment systems alongside German made Graf rainwater harvesting systems imported by JFC in Tuam, Galway, in 3750 litres - 4800 litres and 6,500 litres, the Graff rainwater tanks for rain water recycling are one of the most cost effective and state of the art methods for collecting and processing rain water.

Suitable for domestic, commercial and agricultural use, the Graff rainwater tanks are the highest quality injection moulded tanks available worldwide.


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Graff rain tanks can be located below ground or above ground and can be supplied with a pre-filtration system, submersible pump, automatic mains water switch over system and a range of post treatment options for domestic household or drinking water use.


Galway Water can complement post treatment options for Rain Catchers rainwater tanks to remove any bacteriological issues using carbon backwash scavenging and ultra violet sterilisers along with drinking water systems for heavy metal removal such as issues with lead or copper flashing or metal issues from galvanised steel roofing.

Rain Catchers offer pre-filtering options before water enters rain tanks :



For further information, surveys or quotes please contact Rain Catchers Ltd on 091 395 724   or email on info@raincatchers.ie   web - www.raincatchers.ie

Recent News

  • May 01 2015

    Master Water Specialist

    May 1, 2015

    Moving further on from Galway Water's membership of the WQA for many years, and top level Certified Water Specialist VI status, the WQA now list Galway Water as a Master Water Specialist since 1st May 2015.

  • Oct 09 2014

    New Look Website

    Oct 9, 2014

    Welcome to our new look website for Galway Water, a new responsive site designed to work on a range of viewing platforms, mobile, tablet and desk top.

    It combines all the content built up over the years on our previous site and includes new additional content, products and photos.

  • Jan 20 2013

    Certified Water Specialist

    Jan 20, 2013

    Galway Water have been a member of the Water Quality Association for several years. (The international not-for-profit trade association for the water treatment industry).


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