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Galway Water

Galway Water are based in Colemanstown near Monivea and Athenry.  We install water treatment systems in County Galway and distribute water treatment systems to many companies across Ireland.  We have sold and installed the highest efficiency US made Clack water treatment systems for over a decade with around 3,000 high quality water softeners now sold and as many satisfied clients.

* We are Ireland's largest factory direct importer of quality made US water treatment systems -
   we guarantee lowest prices and yet the best quality equipment and aftersales in Ireland.

* We are Clack factory trained installers of Clack products in Ireland -
   our expert knowledge of water treatment is unrivaled in Ireland.

* Europe's highest ranked WQA Master Water Specialists with MWS VI, CWR and CI certifications -
   all staff are highly trained, some third level qualified engineers with Clack factory training.

* We only recommend independent INAB certified water testing laboratories -
   to ensure impartial and professionally guaranteed water analysis, no other laboratories qualify.

* Best printed on site parts and labour warranties with 365 days a year callout service -
   phone support offered 8am to 8pm daily with same day call outs for emergencies.

* We offer lifetime warranties on all Clack water softeners we install -
   many firms only offer 1 to 5 years on basic brands and charge extra for regular service.

* Galway Water have always maintained a zero sales person policy guaranteeing that you deal direct with the owner or on site technicians to get the best information and best prices. This is important so you are not faced with pushy commission part time sales people.

Galway Water work hard to provide ;

A) highest rated energy savings  -  B) the lowest carbon foot print  -  C) the lowest running costs  -  D) zero toxic chemicals  - on all technologies supplied ;

1)  Our water softeners guarantee zero salt (sodium chlorides) and around trace level sodium similar to bottled water - half to two thirds the strictest EU / HSE limits. 

2)  Our Clack meter water softeners offer the lowest salt use of around 3 to 5 bags (€21 to €35 per year) on hard water for average water use, and €1 for electricity per year.

3)  We provide drinking water systems to eliminate any need for bottled water, saving thousands of euros in buying, carrying, storing and disposing of plastic bottles to landfill.

Recent News

  • Jan 05 2013

    Meter Water Softeners

    Jan 5, 2013

    All water softeners & water softener valves sold by Galway Water since 2005 have been Clack WS1CI commercial quality metered water softeners.

  • Dec 13 2012

    Small Water Softeners

    Dec 13, 2012

    Because the water softener market in Galway and Ireland is competitive, the decision to buy a small or undersized timer water softener because of budget or space restrictions, all too often means that customers end up paying a high price, because these water softeners are over priced, they are high cost to run with excessive salt use / water use / extra servicing and then finally they fail prematurely. A bit like trying to use a moped scooter to tow a caravan.

  • Dec 11 2012

    Avoiding Sales Tricks

    Dec 11, 2012

    During the Celtic Tiger years, many water treatment firms used pressure selling techniques and questionable methods to test water, unfortunately money was easily parted with in times of abundant work and accelerating house prices.


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