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Galway Water supply and install water softeners, reverse osmosis water filters, drinking water filter systems, ultra violet sterilisers and specialist well water filtration systems.  Along with more specialist water solutions for the domestic and commercial market for the removal of a wide range of water contaminants including iron, lime, odour, colour, turbidity, bacteria and cryptosporidium.


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Well water and other naturally untreated raw water sources require serious investigation as to what contaminants they contain especially iron, manganese, sulphur, low pH, bacteria or cryptosporidium and they require bespoke tailoring as to the type of system needed.

No given source of water has the same set of problems and therefore it is rare to be able to just guess at what single filtration package will work on any given water source, although there is no problem in identifying whether lime levels in water are high or low, whether iron is present and what level of acidity is present or bacteria and cryptosporidium, in a particular water.

Mains water is typically hard to some degree with chlorine added, although some mains water schemes include colour, turbidity, bacteria and cryptosporidium and a range of things usually found in well water.

Another concern is water borne bacteria and cryptosporidium.  A bacterial steriliser may need to be chosen to deal with small volumes of high purity water for drinking in litres per day, or high volumes of water for the whole water supply within a household to cope with hundreds of gallons of water per day.

The most popular domestic water treatment technologies include water softening, reverse osmosis water filters and ultra violet sterilisation.

These three technologies deal with most water related problems, whether for mains water treatment or just a few raw water applications like well water, river water, lake water and rain tank water to a lesser degree.

There is a full list of water treatment systems including water softeners, iron and manganese water filters, odour and colour removal water filters, grit and turbidity removal filters, ultra violet sterilisers, reverse osmosis water filters and other specialist water treatment equipment in our pdf brochures on the home page. 

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Recent News

  • Jan 05 2013

    Meter Water Softeners

    Jan 5, 2013

    All water softeners & water softener valves sold by Galway Water since 2005 have been Clack WS1CI commercial quality metered water softeners.

  • Dec 13 2012

    Small Water Softeners

    Dec 13, 2012

    Because the water softener market in Galway and Ireland is competitive, the decision to buy a small or undersized timer water softener because of budget or space restrictions, all too often means that customers end up paying a high price, because these water softeners are over priced, they are high cost to run with excessive salt use / water use / extra servicing and then finally they fail prematurely. A bit like trying to use a moped scooter to tow a caravan.

  • Dec 11 2012

    Avoiding Sales Tricks

    Dec 11, 2012

    During the Celtic Tiger years, many water treatment firms used pressure selling techniques and questionable methods to test water, unfortunately money was easily parted with in times of abundant work and accelerating house prices.


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