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Water Limits

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EU Drinking Water Directives - S.I. No 439 of 2000

Drinking Water Directive (98/83/EC) adopted 3 Nov 1998 for use from 25 Dec 2003.

Organoleptic ParametersunitsPVRemarksType

38Odourdilution*acceptable to the consumerindic

33Colourmg/l Pt-Co*and no abnormal change*indic

46TurbidityNTU *(Taste - no recommendations)indic

Physico-Chem ParametersunitsPVRemarksType

Total Hardnessmg/l Cano refno recommendationsn/a

Total Alkalinitymg/l HCO3no refno recommendationsn/a

TDSmg/l solidsno refno recommendationsn/a

Temperature ˚Cno refno recommendationsn/a

35Hydrogen Ion pH units6.5 - 9.5 water avg. pH 6.5 - 8.0indic

34ConductivityµS/cm-12500measured at @ 20˚indic

41Sodium mg/l Na200appox RDA 2,500mgindic

31Chloridesmg/l Cl25035,000 mg/l in sea waterindic

29Aluminium µg/l Al200Alzheimers / kidney disordersindic

Undesirable in ExcessunitsPVRemarksType

30Ammoniummg/l NH40.5/0.30.5 (98/83/EC) 0.3 (indicator)indic

36Ironµg/l Fe 200nuisance parameter in excessindic

37Manganese µg/l Mn50nuisance parameter in excessindic

20Nitratesmg/l NO350= 11.3 mg/l Nchem

21Nitrites mg/l NO20.5= 0.03 mg/l Nchem

12Copper mg/l Cu2low toxicity in excesschem

Toxic ParametersunitsPVRemarksType

5Arsenic µg/l As10highly toxic, oft. carcinogenicchem

10Cadmium µg/l Cd5v. highly toxic, bones, kidneyschem

11Chromium µg/l Cr50toxic in excesschem

17Lead µg/l Pb25cumulative toxic poisonchem

19Nickelµg/l Ni20limited toxic concernschem

27Trihalomethanes - totµg/l100multi compound carcinogenschem

Micro-bio ParametersunitsPVRemarks

Total Bacteriano/100ml0gross contamination 10+

For further details of the EU Drinking Water Directives see : EU.com

Public Analysts (chem testing lab) : 091 544002 - Pathology (bacterial testing lab) : 091 544404 at the UCHG. Full chemical tests cost from 45 to 100 euros, bacterial tests from 30 euros.

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