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Mini timer water softeners only theoretically work if daily water usage is consistent, - no domestic household can guarantee water use consistency on a weekly basis.  Water use varies day to day so mini timer water softeners are ill-prepared to forecast water use which can fluctuate to quadruple, or down to quarter of estimated use.

This means over compensating settings for the peaks and troughs, resulting in higher salt and water use.  Therefore mini cabinet timer water softeners models are not recommended for low cost efficient water softening use.  Some models are of low quality mechanical clockwork cog wheel design, sized for small apartment use with a low operating capacity.

There are poor copies of older low specification U.S. made valve models designed in the 1960's. Mini water softeners with these valves often wash 6 times per fortnight, compared to just once a fortnight with many larger metered systems.  Always review the control valve brand manufacturer website, user manual, specifications and the NSF certifications.

Even if a small timer system was to use half the backwash water or salt of a larger metered system for every wash, on normal use in a fortnight the smaller mini cabinet system will then use 3 times the water and twice the salt of the larger metered water softener, because it will generally wash 6 times more often, therefore wear and tear is going to be 6 times as high.

With the wear and tear of small cabinet water softeners being 6 times the level of larger metered systems, the softening resin and control valves are going to wear out 6 times quicker especially if they use budget low specification far eastern copies of genuine valve controls and cheap resin.  Noise during back washing is also going to be 6 times more noticeable if housed indoors.

Because of high water use, high salt use, and lower life expectancy, mini timer softeners will probably end up costing 3 to 5 times the purchase and running costs of a high quality US made metered water softener over the normal lifespan of the larger system.  Larger metered U.S. systems may be installed at the same or lower price than smaller sized far east brands.

Small mini cabinet water softeners rarely have more than a 5 year warranty as opposed to the 10 to 40 year warranties of larger U.S. made metered systems.  If water softeners are installed by a third party (any type of water softener), there may be issues as to whether the supply company or the installer are at fault if a warranty claim arises.



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