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Well Drilling Companies

If you plan to drill for a well, it would be worthwhile contacting the following exceptional, professional, trustworthy and completely recommended well drilling companies ...


Pat and Fergus Dullae

Head Office: 043 668 5889
Western Office: 090 96 77777
Mobile: 087 288 6062 - 087 245 0661



Ellis Well Drilling

Head Office: 059 647 1355
Western Office: 090 96 77777
Mobile: 086 821 1955


Recent News

  • Jan 05 2013

    Meter Water Softeners

    Jan 5, 2013

    All water softeners & water softener valves sold by Galway Water since 2005 have been Clack WS1CI commercial quality metered water softeners.

  • Dec 13 2012

    Small Water Softeners

    Dec 13, 2012

    Because the water softener market in Galway and Ireland is competitive, the decision to buy a small or undersized timer water softener because of budget or space restrictions, all too often means that customers end up paying a high price, because these water softeners are over priced, they are high cost to run with excessive salt use / water use / extra servicing and then finally they fail prematurely. A bit like trying to use a moped scooter to tow a caravan.

  • Dec 11 2012

    Avoiding Sales Tricks

    Dec 11, 2012

    During the Celtic Tiger years, many water treatment firms used pressure selling techniques and questionable methods to test water, unfortunately money was easily parted with in times of abundant work and accelerating house prices.


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Recent News